Well known apps of photography

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Life cake: It mainly runs on the platforms of Android and iOS and can help you to capture the growing stages of your child quite easily. With its help you can easily organize photos and select any specific one to view simply mentioning the date.

Fotor: This flexible and photography editing app can yield quality results. It can be downloaded free and it enables you to share, collage and edit photos. Its 5.7.0 version arrives with the feature of focus.

VSCO Cam: It helps you to easily connect with professional photographers of the world along with sharing and creating your own photography.

Ways to improve photography skills



Mastering the basics of photography requires investing time and effort. To make photography a hobby, you need to keep updating your knowledge and skills. Regular practice is equally important to frame a perfect shot. Plenty of digital cameras and DSLRs are available at reasonable price. You may also borrow the camera for the time being to pursue your hobby and passion. Following tips can help you mastering the art of photography:

Go through the camera manual  

For a better technical learning, read the camera manual carefully. It has all the information you need to take the first step. Get to know the ways of customizing controls for reacting to each situation. Learn to handle the flash exposures, autofocus options, and different shooting modes.

Start exploring different subjects

Start taking photographs of shadows, lighting, a person or something which can hold a viewer’s interest. Look for any subject or situation which stands out from the rest. Use the zoom lenses in order to enhance your composition. You can also apply to our program and understand the importance of network marketing in today’s world. Having a strong network is also important for budding photographers to showcase their skills.

Show some of your best works to others for feedback

Take time to go through all the photos you’ve captured throughout the day. Being a beginner, it may not be possible to take a perfect shot always. However, select some of your best shots and show them to near and dear ones. You can also show them to other photographers to seek out constructive criticism.  

You may carry a tripod if required

The entire process of setting up the tripod allows you to pay extra attention to camera position. It may help you to take better landscape shots with serious intent. It can also help to capture the fleeing sunrise and sunset moments with ease.

Read from photography books and online resources

To be a better photographer than yesterday, take your time to go through different books and online posts on the topic. You may also join a community of photographers on facebook to share your experiences and learn from the experiences of others.          

Quick Photography Tips


Let’s start of this post by sharing with you a pretty cool photography tips that experts have been using over this time – if you are wondering why these people take amazing pictures, this is probably a huge reason why.

Have you heard of the rule of 3? This is a magic number in photography. Seriously. When you are taking shots, odd elements stand out more and make balanced pictures. Weird, but true. Just start thinking about your own experiences. You’ll often find that 3 or more people in a single group shot will produce some highly interesting images, compared to those that use even numbers.

This is evident even in choosing the right mode for your camera. Continuous drive mode is often better, because single frames don’t do justice. Firing in short bursts boost your chances of catching the best opportune moment, and gives you a better fighting chance of getting at least one or two sharp images when you are looking to shoot handheld once.

There are many reasons for this though – it’s because pressing the shutter quickly often gets you a terrible looking picture because your hand moves, and the end pictures look bad for exactly the same reason. Middle is always best like a sandwich!

When you are taking multiple pictures as well, make sure you get wide shots, medium ones and a very good close up shot. This way you cover all angles! You can always come to the studio later and figure out which ones are the best pictures you have taken. This isn’t something you can do just like that.

I’ll be sharing some of these tips with you over time as well – the next tip will be released soon!

Top photographers – my favourite ones

Let’s quickly go through the list of some of my favourite photographers in the world!

1. Mario Testino

This dude is famous. Like, really, really famous. He has done plenty of numerous covers for these crazy important magazines around the world, and is probably the most respected and highly sought after photographers in the world. He has done work for lots and lots of people – it is fair to say that he has probably shot them all (on camera, I mean).

The long list of people he has shot includes Kate Moss, Britney Spears and Gisele. Seriously. He gets to hang out with all these cool models, while I’m sitting here writing on a blog about his work… Anyway. His resume includes work for some of the global fashion brands such as Armani, Versace and Burberry. He does celebrity work as well.

Strangely, I found out that this guy was an economics graduate, before he decided ‘nah’ and moved into photography. I guess it just goes to show how career paths can change over time.

2. Bruce Weber

A slightly more controversial choice (just a tiny bit more), Bruce is well respected among the photography and fashion community. This guy has shot for a large group of fashion publications. This can include Vanity Fair, Vogue, GQ and a ton of others.

However, the controversy arises (like the Dark Knight) because he is most well known for the homo-erotic and ultra sexy campaigns he has created for Abercrombie and Fitch back in the day. If you are wondering how or why he has gotten all that attention, these catalogs were so racy that kids has to show their IDs before they were allowed purchase. Yes. That bad.

Anyway, Bruce is still a prominent figure in the industry. He still does work for top celebrities, include Jake Gyllenhaal and Liam Hemsworth. Not one to be counted out when talking about famous photographers, I suppose.

3. Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson from NYC is famous, and there are many people in the fashion industry (no surprises there to be honest with you) who don’t like him. There are plenty of people who think he’s more of a creep than anyone else – he has a reputation for overly sexualised photography and pictures that are demeaning to certain people. Safe to say, there are people who think he goes to far sometimes.

However, you really can’t discount the amount of success he has brought to the table over the last couple of years. This guy has been doing a lot of work – he invites celebrities over and takes pictures of them – he has done work for Tom Ford (who has a line of pretty amazing cologne I must say) and Diesel). This guy has made millions in the photography industry and continues to do so till this day. I respect his success very much!

Famous Fashion Photographers

The fashion world is such as strange one. It’s so difficult to capture the right moment, or get the right picture. I mean, designers can really try all they want to get their creations together, but the end result always has to look perfect. There’s no other way around it – a bad picture can make your designs look like crap. Hence, we really believe that getting the best photographer around is absolutely important!

Having the proper technique to detail might be critical, but if your pictures don’t stand out to the consumer (minus all the photoshop because let’s face it, everything is airbrushed nowadays). For this particular reason, the photographers who do a lot of work taking pictures for campaigns and magazines are treated like gold. This isn’t an exaggeration – good photography goes a long way in this industry. While yes, it is true that these pictures can be deceiving, but let’s be honest: what isn’t these days?

This is why we believe that getting the right ‘shot’ or the right picture can be vital to the success of a brand: like it or not, consumers care about the way things look. If you disagree you’re pretty much in the wrong industry – time to go look elsewhere – but there really isn’t an industry in the world out there today that does not care about ‘looks’.

I’ll like to end this post with a quick video on some very important (maybe?) photography tips I’d like to share with you: